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Immersing oneself in a wild place for months at a time, is an enterprise few are capable of undertaking. Fighting inclement weather, eating dry food for weeks on end, lugging heavy equipment over strenuous terrain and holding still for hours waiting for the unusual, is all just part of the job of a dedicated nature photographer.
But then, when the sun finally breaks, splitting through the clouds to reveal hundreds of caribou wandering determinedly across rolling tundra, all adversities are forgotten. Suddenly, in the magic of that moment, all the hardships are made worth the experience.

That scene becomes even more meaningful when you are able to reach out to an audience and tell the story, inspiring others and potentially changing the fate of an endangered ecosystem.
For the past 20 years, Florian's vision has been documenting nature’s ecosystems to support conservation campaigns. Working closely with dedicated organizations, researchers, writers and advocates, Florian and Emil Schulz have built a strong foundation of conservation photography and film work.


What we do well

Live Events

stories that inspire
Call of the Wild - Freedom to Roam

A man, passionate about photography, wild animals and conservation sets out on a quest to document wildlife on the move. Travelling from the southern tip of Baja California along the pacific coast, traversing over 8000 miles up to the high arctic. A film-style presentation, packed with adventure and incredible wildlife encounters, makes this an unforgettable and inspiring talk. More about Call of the Wild - Freedom to roam

Polar Adventure

Florian journeyed more than twenty-five hundred miles across the Arctic; dove and snorkeled in the Arctic Ocean; photographed on foot polar bears and rafted down Arctic rivers camping among tens of thousands of migrating caribou. From this and many more adventures, Florian shares epic moments while shooting for his project Polar Adventures.

Seminars & Workshops

In the “Basics of Nature Photography” seminar, Florian shows you important tips and tricks from a real professional photographer and filmmaker. At the moment he has schedule a number of workshops in Germany. This are held in German language.

Motion & Stills

at home in the wild

We are very passionate about producing nature cinema. No matter how remote, how cold, hot, or uncomfortable it might be. We take the time to be there when the spectacle happens. To unleash the power of the moving image and help protect our planet. That is our mission statement. Learn more here >>


Florian continues to embrace still photography, and capturing that breathtaking moment in nature is what he thrives for. We share a selection of some of his most memorable images taken in recent years. Take a look here >>


wilderness on the walls
Freedom to Roam - Wilderness Unlimited

 …Caribous by the thousands roam free along the Alaskan coast towards their birthing grounds; Hundreds of snow geese beat their wings in search of their nesting grounds; giant grey whales congregate by the hundreds in their birthing lagoons in Baja California…” an amazingly curated photography exhibit showcasing remarkable photography of unseen wildlife spectacles on their epic journeys across North America.

To The Arctic

Florian’s images have inspired the creation of several exhibitions to bring the arctic closer to our eyes. The last one curated by the Anchorage Museum in Alaska and a larger one, curated by the PAPE Museum in northern Mexico, had an impressive outreach of about 18,900 individuals on its 6-month show. A collection of about 90 stunning frames, transformed the walls of this museum into the incredible world of the arctic. Take a closer look here >>

Visions of the Arctic

A beautifully curated exhibit by the G2 Gallery in Ventura CA, showcasing the uniqueness and fragility of the arctic environment. With extraordinary wild wolf portraits, broad unspoiled landscapes and devastating industrial images it delivered a powerful message about the urgency of protecting the arctic wilderness.


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What we are proud of

2023 | nomination Photography: Factual | BAFTA Televison Crafts Awards

Florian is nominated for a BAFTA Television Craft Awards together with Sue Gibson, Robin Cox and Will Nicholls in the catagory PHOTOGRAPHY: FACTUAL for his work on Predators (Cheetah Episode).

2022 | Official Selection | WILDSCREEN Festival

Florian's film "THE ARCTIC – Our last great Wilderness" will be shown as part of the "Official Selection" at the Wildscreen Festival 2022.

The 2022 Selection
This year, Wildscreen is highlighting 32 productions which tell unique and original stories about our natural world created by authentic storytellers from over 16 countries across the globe. Programme Chair, Lucy Mukerjee said, “the programming team and I had a remarkable experience curating the 2022 Wildscreen Official Selections, traveling all over the world via these eye-opening stories, following elusive species, discovering little known ecosystems, and witnessing the lengths that some are going to fight the climate emergency and restore the environment. “


2022 | Most Inspiring Adventure Film | Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Florian's first IMAX film The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness wins "Most Inspiring Adventure Film" at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.


2022 | Best Film | GSCA Awards

The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) awards, recognising excellence in giant screen filmmaking, were presented at the GSCA 2022 International Conference, held at the IMAX Theatre, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness won the Best Film 2022 Award!

2021 | Finalist | Jackson Wild Media Awards

Florian's IMAX film"The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness" was selected from over 750 submissions as a finalist for the 2021 JACKSON WILD MEDIA AWARDS! This international competition is considered to be one of most renowned natural history film competitions in the world.

2021 | Two Gold TV & Film Awards | New York Festival

Florian first blue chip film "Americas Arctic " wins two Gold TV & Film Awards at the New York Festival. One for BEST CAMERAWORK and another for NATURE & WILDLIFE.

2019 | Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year | NANPA

From the NANPA Executive Director - Susan Day - NANPA’s first Outstanding Photographer of the Year was in 1997 to John Shaw, who will be in Las Vegas to receive the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Past recipients are an illustrious group of photographers, and this year’s recipient, Florian Schulz, is no exception.

2015 | Daniel Housberg Wilderness Image Award | Alaska Conservation Foundation

Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz is the 2015 recipient of the Daniel Housberg Wilderness Image Award for Excellence in Still Photography, Film, or Video, given by the Alaska Conservation Foundation.

What makes Florian Schulz stand out from most photographers isn’t just his skills, but his unflinching commitment to his craft and to the protection of the Arctic. I have never met anyone so committed to the documentation and preservation of Alaska and the Arctic. Even though he is German, his heart and soul belongs to the tundra and ice of the far north. ~ Nominator

Florian Schulz is one of the world’s foremost conservation and wildlife photographers. His celebrated works have been published in recognized magazines and featured in world-renowned museums, and he has won numerous international awards throughout his career.

Florian’s work has played a vital role in numerous successful environmental campaigns over the years. His celebrated book, Freedom to Roam: Yellowstone to Yukon, was the centerpiece for a concept that would explode into a groundbreaking idea that is now considered a key to saving our world’s vanishing wildlife, conserving wildlife corridors. His new book, Freedom to Roam: Baja to Beaufort, is a monumental effort that will take the concept of wildlife corridors to a whole new level. He has committed much of his life’s work to this concept.

No matter how exhausted Florian may become on his quest to get the shot needed to tell the story, he comes alive when talking about Alaska, the Arctic and its preservation. He speaks with such love and commitment that he inspires everyone around him. It’s his words and passion, combined with his imagery, that makes Florian a champion for the Arctic and Alaska like no other, a champion that is desperately needed if we ever hope to save our vanishing wildlife and wilderness.

2012 | Ansel Adams Award | Sierra Club

Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz is the 2012 recipient of the Ansel Adams Award, given by the Sierra Club to individuals who have made superlative use of still photography to further a conservation cause.

Schulz was recognized for his decade-long use of wildlife and landscape photography to promote protection of wildlife corridors in North America. A native of Germany, Schulz spends up to ten months a year in the field photographing, filming, and recording wildlife, often accompanied by his wife, Emil Herrera-Schulz.

2012 | Outstanding Book of the Year | Independent Book Publishers (IPPY Awards)

Florians large-format photography book To The Arctic, published by Braided River was named an “Outstanding Book of the Year” and “Most Likely to Save the Planet” by the Independent Publisher Book Awards for 2012, selected from a field of more than 5,000 entries.

2012 | Gold Award | Nautilus Book Awards

Florians coffee table book "To The Arctic" received a 2012 Gold Award as part of the Nautilus Book Awards, which recognize books promoting spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change.

2011 | Natures Best Photography Awards | Winner in the category wildlife

Winner in the category "Wildlife", Nature's Best Photography Awards 2011.

The Story behind the shot: "During an expedition to document Arctic wildlife, I observed a polar bear family from a small, ice-going vessel. The mother and her cubs were living on pack ice far from land. Incredibly intelligent animals, young polar bears learn quickly through their inquisitive nature. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest."

2011 | European Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Winner in the category mammals

Winner in the category "mammals", GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011.

2010 | CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year | Winner

In 2010 the image "Flight of the Ray" got a lot of attention from the public. With this image Florian was honored with the title "Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010" from CIWEM.

2010 | BBC - Veolia Environnement - "Wildlife Photographer of the Year | second place

The photograph "Flight of the Ray" won second place under the category Behavior Animals, by the prestigious competition BBC - "Veolia Environnenment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010"

2008 | Windland Smith Rice International Award | Conservation Photographer of the Year

Conservation Photographer of the Year – Overall Winner by Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards and the National Wildife Federation.

2008 | BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Highly Honored

Wolf-watch, Denali, USA. Highly Honored in the category "Animals in their Environment".

2008 | Nature's Best Photography Awards | Highly Honored

HORNED GUAN - El Triunfo Reserve, Mexico.

Highly Honored under the category "Endangered Species", Natures Best 2008.

"El Triunfo" Reserve, is a highly threatened ecosystem by logging and encroaching development; yet, is one of the last places where the horned guan exists.

The guan is listed under the endangered species list, as remaining populations are very small and severely fragmented; and giving continue threats, presumably declining. Their population is reported to be fewer than than 2500 individuals.

2008 | Nature's Best Photography Awards | Highly Honored

QUETZAL - El Triunfo Reserve, Mexico.

Highly Honored under the category "Endangered Species", Natures Best 2008.

While documenting the biological richness of El Triunfo Reserve for ILCP's RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) I was incredible fortunate to had the opportunity to photograph the Resplendent Quetzal -the iconic symbol of the cloud forest. Park guardians had placed a blind before the nesting period began, to allow photographers to capture the elusive bird.

After waiting for several hours for the bird to return and exchange turns with the female, I finally got lucky: a male quetzal finally appeared and perched at the entrance of the nest for a couple of seconds. A ray of light filtered down through the vegetation, illuminating its iridescent feathers.

As quiet as I could, I took the first images of the bird, and before the light disappeared I photographed the surroundings to later on create a panoramic. The result, this unique panoramic view of a quetzal in its natural environment.

2006 | Independent Book Publishers (IPPY Awards) Outstanding Book of the Year | Winner

Under the category Most Likely to Save the Planet, Florian's book "Yellowstone to Yukon - Freedom to Roam" (The Mountaineers Books 2005) was honored with the title Outstanding Book of the Year 2006 by the Independent Publishers Awards

2006 | Philip Hyde Environmental Award

During the 12th NANPA Annual Summit, Florian Schulz was awarded by the NANPA Infinity Foundation the Phillip Hyde Grant. This grant is given annually to an individual NANPA member who is actively pursuing completion of an environmental project. The mission of the Infinity Foundation is to advance awareness of and appreciation for nature through photography.

2004 | Banff Mountain Photography Competition | Special Mention

GREAT GREY OWL - Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Wyoming. USA.

Special Mention in the Banff Mountain Photography Competition 2004.

"Over the last few years, I have had several encounters with the majestic great gray owl. I had observed this particular bird the day before as it hunted in a meadow bordering the forest. The next day, I was out at dawn and discovered the owl silhouetted against the deep blue morning sky. Just as the first rays of the sun started to light up the silhouette, the owl lifted off and disappeared in the forest. I was disappointed.

Then the idea that the owl might return to its perch got my hopes up. It was a gamble, but I decided to wait. After one and a half hours, the owl suddenly appeared again at the forest's edge. My heart rate rose in anticipation. Just as I located the bird in my viewfinder, it dropped off the branch and glided towards me with a few strokes, rewarding me with a series of images which I had hardly ever dared to dream of".

2004 | Banff Mountain Photography Competition | Special Mention


Special Mention in the Banff Mountain Photography Competition 2004.

"The Rocky Mountain grizzly bear population is in trouble. In the entire continental US, there are only little over 1000 grizzlies left. The species is at risk, especially considering that the number of breeding females producing young, has greatly diminished. Often female bears with young are pushed into marginal habitat by bigger bears, and end up close to settlements and highways, where they are more vulnerable.

Once roaming the forests and prairies over vast regions of North America, the grizzly was pushed back until its only refuge were the Rockies. Today, four-lane- superhighways , country roads, ATV trails and open-pit mines cut through its last remaining habitat.

This picture was taken in a hectic moment of confusion, blurred like a split second of shock. It represents for me the situation of a magnificent animal, that has become a refugee in its own kingdom".

2004 | BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Highly Honored

Californian wildflower meadow

In Praise of Plants

2004 | Nature's Best International Photography Awards | Highly Honored


Highly Honored in the category "Art in Nature" by the Nature's Best Photography Awards 2004.

As the sun was setting over the Namib Dunes, Florian was looking for abstract forms. "I was seeking the interplay of light and shadow" he says.

As the dunes caught the last light, he found his shot. "The low light brought out the contours of the ripples in the sand, so I used my telephoto lens to show this endless sea of lines. The air was silent and still- except for a gently blowing breeze".

2001 | Nature's Best International Photography Awards | Highly Honored

GENTLE LION - Kalahari National Park.

Highly Honored in the category "Wildlife", Nature's Best Photography Awards 2001.

With the heavy spring rains, the grasslands of the Kalahari transform into a sea of tall, dense vegetation. These means food for herbivores like the zebra, springbok and oryx, but makes it difficult to see the savannah's great predators, which disappear completely in the high grass.

On an evening drive, however, Florian's brother Immanuel, caught up a glimpse of this reclining male lion. With the last rays of the evening sun in the cat's eyes, Florian composed this kingly portrait.

2001 | Nature's Best International Photography Awards | Highly Honored


Highly Honored in the category "Landscapes", Nature's Best 2001. 

Some of the world's highest dunes can be found in the vast expanse of the Namib. Reaching nearly a thousand feet, the majestic dunes glow red because of the high level of iron in the sand.

Florian found himself retreating from a storm that deposited sand throughout his car, his clothes, his camera bag and his equipment. However, when the storm subsided, he was met by this reformed dune-scape, its windblown patterns flawless and untouched.

1999 | BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Highly Commended

AFTER THE STORM - Glacier National Park.

Highly Commended by the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1999 competition in the category "Wild Places".

"While photographing black bears in Glacier National Park, in mid-September, I was caught in a thunderstorm. Lighting tore furiously the dark sky, but shortly after the sun broke through the clouds. A rainbow appeared as though to bring peace. I only had few moments, to capture the mood. Then the light was gone."

1999 | BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Highly Commended

SECRETARY BIRDS - Etosha National Park.

Highly Commended by the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1999 competition in the category "Behavior Birds".

"One early morning in Etosha National Park, my brother and I saw the same pair of secretary birds hunting side-by-side in the grasslands, searching for insects and snakes to eat. One morning though, we realized that the birds weren't hunting: they were gathering small twigs and leaves. As soon as they had a beakfull each, they flew up together to the crown of a nearby torn tree, the thin branches bending under their weight.

Then with wings outstretched for balance, they bounced slowly up and down, dancing gracefully around one another as they wove their nest."


What other people are saying about us

Florian Schulz captures the majesty of wild places and creatures through sensitive, hard-earned images and stories. His artistry draws us deeply into the soul-stirring beauty of the natural world, and inspires his audiences and readers to ask—“what can I do to protect this?”.

— Helen Cherullo
Publisher & Executive Director / Braided River Books

"Florian Schulz is one of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative’s most passionate ambassadors. His stunning photos capture the very essence of this magnificent region and skillfully illustrate the unique natural heritage that Y2Y is working to maintain and restore.  Florian’s remarkable book, Yellowstone to Yukon - Freedom to Roam, demonstrates to its readers why this area is so special, speaks to their hearts and moves them to become involved. He makes my job of conveying the magic, the issues and opportunities of the Y2Y region much easier.  I use his book constantly".

— Penelope Pierce
US Regional Direktorin Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2YCI)

"Florian Schulz’s presentation Freedom to Roam of his stunning photographs of the wildlife and people of the Yellowstone to Yukon, is tremendously inspiring.  He is a living illustration of the central role the arts must play in achieving conservation goals.  His ...commitment and deep knowledge of this largest North American conservation initiative made this evening one of the university's best events of the year".

— Dr. David Secord
Director, Program on the Environment University of Washington

"...Florian Schulz spoke in my Environmental Biology class to approximately 170 undergraduate students from a broad range of disciplines outside the sciences (philosophy, English, history, economics, etc.) and we were captivated. His talk was a vivid case study of species conservation in a stunning ecoregion that is rife with human conflicts over natural resource use and environmental concerns. Florian’s presentation "Yellowstone to Yukon Freedom to Roam" brought to life the topics we were discussing... He made an impression on these students that I think will last a lifetime. Florian has a gift for communication. He combines the type of knowledge one can get only from living in a region... with a passion for wildlife conservation and breathtaking photography. He is a fantastic spokesman for life – human and wild – in the region".

— Dr. Michael Reed
Associate Professor, Biology TUFTS University
Press and Co.

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In der Jubiläums-Sonderausgabe wurden die besten Fotos aus 40 Jahren GEO abgedruckt. Florian wurde als einer von nur 5 Tierfotografen für dieses Heft ausgewählt. Wir sind stolz das er gleich mit zwei Doppelseiten darin vertreten ist.

Reportero DOC Magazin | Print | Spain


article title: El oso Polar esta en peligro!

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"We love nature filmmaking, and we are specialist in shooting on wild ground. From concept developing to shooting high-end complex camera systems our expertise will take you to remote areas and show you a world never seen before." - Florian Schulz

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