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"We love nature filmmaking, and we are specialist in shooting on wild ground. From concept developing to shooting high-end complex camera systems our expertise will take you to remote areas and show you a world never seen before."

— Florian
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Nature Cinema

Florian Schulz Productions develops and produces high-end nature films. We aim to transport our audience into the heart of the wild — where bears hunt, eagles soar, and Mother Nature abounds. Achieving this isn’t always easy: sometimes it means we come eye-to-eye with big brown bears, spend days cooped up in a camouflage tent watching carefully and waiting for a rare bird, or dive beneath the ocean waves to encounter the mysteries beneath. The results are stunning.

Our footage is shot with the latest 8k RED cameras, complimented with the Phantom Flex when ultra slow motion is needed. We use two gimbal systems: the ShotOver F1 and Cineflex ULTRA. Both can be equipped with the longest-range telephoto lenses available in cinema, and can be attached to helicopters, cars or boats, delivering breathtaking shake-free film sequences of wildlife action. Often, nature moves too quickly for the human eye to descry — but with our Phantom Flex we can capture every detail of super high-speed action sequences.

The world we capture does justice to the incredible beauty of nature, and is meant to reflect the style and vision of Florian Schulz’ work as a still photographer.

Film Productions

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2016 | The Californias (working title) | in Production

Join the grey whales on their epic journey to their calving lagoons.

2014/2015 | The Refuge (working title) | in Postproduction

In the far north beyond the Arctic circle exists a triving land full of life. America´s wild treasure - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain is the biological heart of the refuge, supporting millions of migratory birds and hundreds of thousands of caribou, as well as wolves, grizzly bears, musk oxen, and polar bears. Yet this unparalleled 1.5-million-acre habitat has not yet received permanent protection, leaving it vulnerable to harmful oil and gas development.

2013 | The Land of the Great Bear | in Postproduction

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Visions of the Wild develops and produces high-end nature films. Our goal is to transport our viewers into the wild. To achieve this, we may come eye to eye with big brown bears, spend days in a camouflage tent to film a rare bird, rise up high into the air to shoot aerials with a Cineflex or ShotOver or dive below the water’s surface to encounter great white sharks. Our footage is shot with the latest 8k RED cameras, complemented with the Phantom Flex when ultra slow motion is need.

Our two gimbal systems, the Shotover F1 and Cineflex ULTRA, can be equipped with the longest-range telephoto lenses available in cinema. Those gimbals can be attached to helicopters, cars or boats, while delivering unbelievable shake-free film sequence of wildlife behavior. With the Phantom Flex we are able to give our viewers a look into high-speed action that otherwise is hidden to the human eye. Our goal is to show nature in all it beauty creating artistic images that reflect the style and vision of Florian Schulz’s work as a still photographer.

Our equipment

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Aerial Filming - Cineflex & Shotover


With the Cineflex ULTRA we have one of the best camera stabilization systems in the world at our fingertips. Its high-resolution recordings make smooth 6k resolution shots totally achievable. But beyond quality, it offers us versatility: the Cineflex can be attached to aircraft, boats and even cable cars or rail systems.


Similarly to our Cineflex, the ShotOver provides us unparalleled stability while filming from a moving vehicle. It is just as smooth, and a little lighter weight than the Cineflex, and offers an extra axis for filming. It also accommodates to a wide variety of cameras and lenses, making it even more adaptable as a cinema tool.


image copyright Shotover

RED Helium | 8K Camera

From HD to 8k — when it comes to resolution, anything is possible with the RED Helium camera.

Phantom Flex 4K | High Speed-Camera

Making the invisible, imperceptible details of nature crisp, clear and striking is the job of our Phantomflex. This incredible tool can capture images at 1000 frames-per-second (FPS) at 4k resolution, and up to 2000 frames-per-second at 2k resolution. So whether it is single wing beats of a hummingbird or the impact of a water droplet, we can film it in impossibly high-resolution slow motion detail.


"Photography is not my job, it is my passion. It is a way of life that goes far beyond the brief moment of triggering the shutter..." - Florian Schulz

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