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Planet Earth 3

We are proud to be part of BBC's new eight-part series PLANET EARTH 3 – narrated by Sir David Attenborough. We filmed the Orca vs. mobula rays sequence shown in episode 2 of the series.

In the Sea of Cortez, mobula rays perform astounding acrobatic leaps to attract other rays, resulting in a gathering of vast numbers. All the noise, however, attracts a family of specialist ray-hunting orca that have a unique strategy to catch these fast and agile animals.

Completing the Planet Earth trilogy, Planet Earth III explores the greatest habitats on our planet and the extraordinary animals that live in them.
Filled with wonder and insight, Planet Earth III celebrates places and animals beyond our imagination. From the depths of the ocean to the most remote jungle, discover the planet’s last great wild places and the astonishing strategies animals have evolved to survive. Each episode focuses on a distinct and dazzling habitat, including grasslands and deserts, forests, freshwater habitats, and coasts. This contemporary chapter of Planet Earth also reveals the new challenges that wildlife faces in our modern and crowded world.



Planet Earth 3

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Über Florian

Als professioneller Naturfotograf widmet sich Florian Schulz dem Schaffen von einzigartigen Naturaufnahmen. Seine Bilder werden in Magazinen wie National Geographic, BBC Wildlife und GEO veröffentlicht. Schulz stammt aus Süddeutschland und verbringt im Jahr durchschnittlich acht bis zehn Monate im Feld, um mit seinen Fotografieprojekten gesamte Ökosysteme zu dokumentieren.

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