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Die Outdoor Firma Patagonia verwendet Florians Arbeit zum Schutz der Arktis

“The Arctic Refuge has always been a mysterious place for me. Wild and remote, it allows me to time-travel back into a wholesome world that predates the settlement of the West.”

— Florian Schulz

The Arctic Refuge – Alaska

I still remember my first days in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sitting on the steep slop of a unnamed mountain under the midnight sun I overlooked the surrounding coastal plains. I felt like a time traveler that had gone back to a world before modern age. What is so remarkable about the Refuge is the vast open landscape. No roads – no power lines – no man-made structures as far as the eye can see. A true wilderness. It is the home of the Porcupine Caribou herd. Every year they migrate over 2400 kilometers from the calving ground at the coastal planes to their winter range further south. The caribou sustain the bears, wolves and Native people along their migration route. In the recent years I have dedicated my life to create a film about the Refuge to help with its permanent protection.  - Florian Schulz

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Über Florian

Als professioneller Naturfotograf widmet sich Florian Schulz dem Schaffen von einzigartigen Naturaufnahmen. Seine Bilder werden in Magazinen wie National Geographic, BBC Wildlife und GEO veröffentlicht. Schulz stammt aus Süddeutschland und verbringt im Jahr durchschnittlich acht bis zehn Monate im Feld, um mit seinen Fotografieprojekten gesamte Ökosysteme zu dokumentieren.

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